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Moments after she is born, Tessa Barcussy is branded as 'trouble'. On the same day, her father Freddie encounters a Romany Gypsy who makes a chilling prediction about Tessa's destiny. Freddie finds it so disturbing that he writes it down and hides it in a sealed envelope - never to be opened, he hopes. Yet the gypsy's words haunt him as he bonds with his new baby daughter.

Hyper-­sensitive and rebellious, Tessa grows up a misfit, difficult to handle and disruptive. Freddie and his wife Kate struggle to raise this challenging child and nurture her creative gifts. Tessa feels that her path to happiness is chequered, growing up in the shadow of her sister, golden-­child Lucy, and hiding a dark secret from everyone?

Will the words of the Romany Gypsy come true? Or will they empower Tessa to finally become the person she was born to be?

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Gunner wanted to enjoy a few weeks of wilderness on his own, but a shadowy monster has different plans for him.­Gunner has gone on a long hike in the Idaho wilderness, enjoying the solemn quiet and the embrace of nature. He keeps hearing odd sounds around his camp at night and one evening mysterious lights appeared, dragging him out of the warm confines of his tent. What he finds is nothing like he had ever imagined.

The man is met by a beautiful, graceful woman by a giant, glowing spider web. The mystical woman turns out to be a horrific monster, who desires his seed. She does things to him that he never thought possible. Will he get away from this nightmare creature, or will she own him completely?­This 6,­000+ word short story focuses on a hiker being taken by a spider queen for something only men can give her. This book includes monster girls, rough sex, blowjobs and rough, silky pleasure.

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A solitaire artist trying to capture a memorable scene in the forest by a river, needs something to complete the scene....

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A magic moment...­in more than one way...

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