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Bill Potter is a steely-­eyed killer. At least he thinks he is. But when a disease, which normally strikes small children in sub-­Saharan Africa, stops the retired Army Infantryman in his combat boots, he discovers what bravery, love, and fighting are really all about. The Long Walk is the devastatingly honest and sarcastic journey of a self-­confessed manly man through the hell of Lymphoma. Full of helpful advice, shade tree science, funny stories, and a bedside seat to a life and death pitched battle, The Long Walk is an essential cancer primer for patient, family, and health care professional. This e-­book is Bill Potter’s true trek captured from his blog where he introduces readers to his wife, two staff Teddy Bears, exploding (yes there are explosions) catheters, and a bevy of dedicated nurses who save his life. Along the way he learns the valuable lessons he didn’t know were hidden in the disease.

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