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Prayer versus Southern superstitions. Through belief, faith, hard work, the power of prayer, and God's help, June strives to change her mother's mind in more ways than one when she encounters Andy, an old highschool flame. Myrtle is hooked on Southern superstitions, and Andy and June must prove prayer is stronger. In order to achieve her goal, June must first prove herself by being successful with the berries. An early hail storm causes Andy to turn down their berries at the local Farm Bureau. June's been reared on a mixture of Southern superstitions and Bible verses, but she firmly believes in God and the power of prayer and knows God is in control. Can she convince her mother Her goal is to rid her mother of superstitions and prove she's as good as the son Myrtle's always wanted. Will Myrtle give Andy a chance after he turns down her berries

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