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Blush This is a suggestive romance love scenes are not graphic. A standalone sequel to The Abduction of Miss Jenny Chandler. Heading home to Texas after the Civil War, Confederate Captain Ben Chandler catches Clarity Breckenridge stealing the stallion he bought in Kentucky. Clarity says she owns the horse but everyone else claims that Clarity is dead. When a killer tries to permanently keep her from proving her identity, Ben whisks her"and her horse"to Texas. Bens family is dead, his lover is gone and he suffered so many near misses during the war that he just wants to hide back home. When Claritys presence threatens to bring him painfully back to life, he resists his growing attraction to her. Meanwhile Claritys vow to return home and recapture her identity is strained by her growing attraction to Ben. But a horrific event in her past makes her afraid she could never fully offer her heart. Theyll have to flee a killer"and their own pasts"to find love and new lives together.

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