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Discover the secrets behind the Red Room of Pain The intricacies of making love in the backseat of an expensive sports car The rough and tumble process of editing Fifty Shades of Grey Find out where the name E.­L. James really comes from And finally the step by step process by which this middle-­aged British mother of two came up with the international best-­selling erotic romance series that has sold more copies than Harry Potter NY Times best-­selling biographer Marc Shapiro uncovers the inspiration and secrets behind this writing sensation, explaining how she did it with exclusive interviews with her editors and early fans. Marc Shapiro is the NY Times best-­selling author of J.­K. Rowling: The Wizard Behind Harry Potter, Justin Bieber: The Fever! and many other best-­selling celebrity biographies. He has been a free-­lance entertainment journalist for more than twenty-­five years, covering film, television, and music for a number of national and international newspapers and magazines.

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Everyone wants to know how EL James, a middle-­aged mom of two from the London suburbs became the best-­selling author of all time, with over a million books selling worldwide in less than a year, and now a major motion picture. Read this book to find out exactly how she did it.

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