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At Mia's Mercy…
As the leader of the Blackpaw werewolf pack, Nick Jenner had spent years protecting his people from dark outside forces. When the victim of a feral drifter turns up on Blackpaw territory, he thinks nothing of bringing her home while her attacker is hunted down and destroyed. But Jenner soon finds that nothing about his alluring new houseguest is what it seems.
Mia D'Alessandro, a dark beauty with abilities she would rather forget, was mortified to find herself the victim of a man she thought she could trust. As the full moon approaches, his bite will unleash an inner wolf that can destroy her unless she bonds with a pack. But the darkness now stalking her threatens to destroy far more, including her strong, silent guardian.
Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.­If there was one thing you could count on, it was that things always got weird right before a full moon. Still, Jenner held out hope, month after month, that there would come a night when . . .

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When a powerful storm blew through town, attorney Kelly Madison found herself stranded at the courthouse--­and going into labor in Judge Grey Colton's chambers! The handsome, no-­nonsense bachelor revealed a surprisingly tender side as he delivered her darling baby girl. But when he discovered her secret past, would the career-­minded Colton ignore her passionate pleas for his heart...?

His great-­grandfather George WhiteBear called him the Lone Wolf--­but one pretty redhead and her adorable daughter threatened to end Grey's solitary days for good.­They'd already won his affection, but was he willing to risk his future for love...?

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