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My first year of teaching was absolutely the worst year of my life. The only reason I went back for my second was that I had gone to college on a teaching scholarship and unless I completed four years of teaching, I had to pay back a lot of money. Fortunately for me, my second year was a lot better than my first, and by the time I completed those initial four years, I could not imagine myself doing anything else. During the thirty years that I taught high school, I served as mentor to a lot of beginning teachers, both officially and unofficially, and although no two of the beginning teachers I worked with had exactly the same experience, they all felt just as lost and bewildered as I had during my first year. A couple of years after I retired, a former student asked if I had any “words of wisdom” for her as she began her first year teaching. I don’t know how “wise” anything I told her was, but that conversation was the foundation for this book.

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