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Hundreds of years ago, Earth as we know it was laid to waste by the war to end all wars. Hunger and plague followed, and in the gaping wounds of a society thick with terror, greed and corruption took strong root. It split the human race apart. Those clinging to civilization fell to ruin, those who turned from it were left little more than cannibalistic monsters. From the darkness, Enoch has watched as the worst traits of humanity have destroyed the world he once knew. Denied even the mercy of a quick demise, the immortal Angel fills his days maintaining the Network, if only to bring some form of connection and order to a broken world, even as he has grown to despise the very beings left upon it. From the unlocked backdoors and open windows of the Network, Jacobi has watched the world with love and delight, relishing in the little human moments that remind him of why life is worth living. The offers of kindness when there is none to be found, the small acts of charity when there . . .

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