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I Had Bigfoots Baby is about three young adults who go camping. While two are cuddling in a tent one early morning the other young man climbs a hillside to a location he has marked on a map. Once inside, he confirms his find as a huge Bigfoot runs after him and down the hill towards the campsite. The two lovers run from their tent and then stand in shocked silence as the Bigfoot ties the two men up then eyes the woman with lust in his eyes. Well, after that, all four of them will never fell the same way about Bigfoot ever again. My Bigfoot Lover An anthropology student gets captured by the very creature she is searching forBigfoot. He holds her prisoner and after a while she grows to accept his odd and hairy way of doing things. This is a satirical and sexy look at the legend of Bigfoot. Bigfoot & The Virgin Lab Assistant Run A Fucking Trial When a young, virgin lab assistant draws the short straw to participate in a sex trial with the only Bigfoot in captivity, she doesn't know . . .

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