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Rey has just recovered from serious injuries sustained when his exfiance lost control of her convertible. He buys the cottage nextdoor to old Jane DeVilliers, who often has nieces staying with her. He hopes the quiet atmosphere of the cottage enclave will help his writing. Jane's niece, Margot, is staying with her, doing housekeeping, massaging Jane's arthritis. Rey needs someone to type his text into his computer, and after some problems, Margot goes to work for him. When he proposes marriage, Jane is furious, she will lose her willing slave. She does her best to sabotage the young couple, interrupting and interfering whenever she can. But she can't stop their wedding. Rey is too clever for Jane he buys a condo in a building famous for its security. Jane can no longer bother them at will. Rey tells Margot that he'd like to wait a few years before thinking about a child. She agrees, only to find a few weeks later that, when she agreed, she was pregnant already. She decides to . . .

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