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When I fell in love with Brandon Beck, tasted my first kiss in his arms, I believed deep in my bones that we would always be together. Nothing could ever tear us apart. And you know, I was right. Until the flood came, I was right. That day, standing on the roof, I was sure I'd lost everything. Brandon Beck's body had been swept away. The one boy that was meant for me was gone. That was what I thought, anyway. Two years later, I caught a glimpse of him. Why would the love of my life stalk me from the shadows, why would he hide away for so long Maybe it was all in my head. Or was it possible... that Brandon Beck had never died at all Until the Flood is a 140 page New Adult Werewolf Romance novella. It focuses on how we find ourselves pulled back to the ones we love, no matter what has changed inside of us. Sometimes, we change more than we could have ever imagined. Ages 17 for violence and adult content.

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