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An artist without his muse. A muse without her lover. And a devilish cousin who will do anything to get them back together Elizabeth is facing a financial crisis. Until Thomas Danville, her exlover, the love of her life, famous artist and heir to the Danville name and fortune, walks back into her life with a proposal"a business proposal. Tom desperately needs Elizabeth as his model for a set of special nude paintings commissioned by a prestigious organization. In exchange for two weeks of sittings, Tom will ensure her money troubles are over. Convincing her to model for him is the easy part. Convincing her he loves her and wants her back"at any cost"is just a tad harder. Enter Richard, Tom's devilish cousin, Elizabeth's friend"and the other model for the paintings. Tired of the unresolved sexual tension simmering between the two, Richard opts to take matters into his own hands and force Tom and Elizabeth to face how they feel about each other. As Tom prepares to sketch them, . . .

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