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From tight ends to sliding home to running into love, Scoring collects seven sports stories that are scintillating, sweaty, and sexy. Hard bodies on the baseball field, the cricket field, the hockey rink or the track, these are men all about playing sports and scoring, in more ways than one. Of course, they love their sports, they love their fans, and they also love the men who play along. V. L. Locey's "Goaltender's Penalty" focuses on the harsh world of ice hockey with a seemingly mismatched couple who are just right for each other. M. Durango contributes "Summertime Blues", a lovely piece about baseball. G.­S. Wiley writes intriguingly about cricket in 1930s India in "The National Game", and Indra Vaughn's "All That is Gold" focuses on the lone challenge in running track. Jena Wade contributes "The Slide Home", with charming lovers from America's favorite pasttime. Katherine Halle gives us "Calling the Shots", a baseball love story. And Sean Michael has written "Balls and . . .

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