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Book Summary Within each of us lies a dark secret forbidden passions so strong they frighten us with their intensity. Between these pages, our heroes struggle with their own irresistible longings. Dark lust blurs the line between love and sex their only hope, to embrace the unthinkable hungers and follow their mates into an abyss of dark and dangerous lust. And love. Welcome to The Dark Side The Dark One by Angela Knight Matia of Ruza is one of the legendary Battlemaids a woman warrior who has taken an oath of celibacy in service of the Maid of Light. Kaska intends to make Matia the centerpiece in a sizzling erotic ritual in honor of his god. Chain of Thorns by Willa Okati Riven finds himself trapped and enslaved when Earth is destroyed in a fiery cataclysm. Where is the line between fantasy and reality slavery and love Waiting for You by Elayne S. Venton Tybirius West is a mercenary and the one man Major Reeva Medusa can't get out of her mind. Trouble is, if Ty were on her side, . . .

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