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The widowed Lady Joanna Leland wants nothing more than to be left in peace. When the king commands her to remarry, she informs him she has other plans. Those plans did not include getting trapped inside her manor during a blizzardor the near-­frozen stranger deposited outside her door, a man who awakens sexual yearnings she thought long dead.­Lord Hugh, the kings finest battle strategist, has been sent by the king to change Joannas mind. As the blizzard roars outside, the temperature inside rises until the attraction between Hugh and Joanna ignites and they succumb to long nights of sensual delight. Tempting her body is only half the battle. He must secure her heart as well. But Hughs been keeping a secret that could destroy everything he is fighting for…and winning Joanna is one battle he cant afford to lose.

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Quick Win Digital Marketing is aimed at entrepreneurs, business managers and marketing people seeking a practical approach to digital marketing. The book is designed so that you can dip in and out of your top digital marketing questions, as they arise, in five key sections: Digital essentials; Digital toolbox; Digital marketing; Branding online; Managing, Measuring, and making money online. Digital essentials is the place to start if you’re new to online marketing and want to move into the digital age. It explains the basics, including key applications like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as online activities like blogging, podcasting and community building. Digital toolbox is where you can learn how to use the various online applications and techniques. Digital marketing explains how to adapt your marketing approach and approach to the demands of the online world. It will help you to understand how to identify customers using digital communications and how to interact . . .

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