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Only one man dared fight to defend Shanghai from rebel hordes the American adventurer who called up a ragtag band of deserters to defeat armies of thousands. "A master in hell before a minion in Heaven. I'll be a prince in China, and lord over these heathen beggars, or I'll make a great many of them wish they'd better joss better luck than to cross my bow.­" Arriving in the midst of the bloodiest civil war in human history, Fletcher Thorson Wood takes up the imperial cause against the "Christian" rebels, trains and fights beside native Chinese troops, mandarins, and "Manilamen,­" builds the most powerful Army in China, and as reward for his achievements grateful Chinese appoint Fletcher a mandarin of high rank, a general, and even honor him with a temple near Shanghai. Yang Shen makes the reader see, feel, and understand the tumult of 1860s China "the ships and weapons, the countryside with its intricate network of canals, the arcane maneuverings of Chinese politicians and . . .

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