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A collection of five erotic short stories with mixed and varied themes including bdsm, spanking and role play. Youre My Toy by Sommer Marsden When Aaron buys Janie a sexy Christmas present she has no idea of the fun theyll have with it, both in and out of the house. In fact they have so much fun, Janie begins to wonder just exactly who the present is for her, Aaron or possibly even the waiter at a very posh restaurant they visit. The Devils Harlot by Morgan Honeyman Sophie advertises for a man to fulfil her fantasies. He has to be 20 years younger and prepared to dressup. Jack turns out to be perfect in every way and they spend an exciting lustfilled few hours together. Trouble is, Sophie doesnt want her fantasy to end " yet reality was never part of the deal. But turns out Jack has a few fantasies of his own that need fulfilling. Hugs, Kisses, Dominatrices by Tara S Nichols His new housemate is a Goth who gets up to all kinds of noisy and he is sure perverse, activities in her . . .

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